4 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Makes Your Business More Collaborative

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Microsoft Office 365 has long been the office software bundle of choice for many businesses, including freelancer one man shows, medium sized and even very large companies with locations that span the globe and give work to thousands of people. There are many reasons why the solution is so commonly considered the best application of the kind available, one of them being the way that Microsoft Office 365 gives companies the opportunity to work collaboratively just the way they want to, making physical distance almost completely irrelevant. According to Microsoft 365 consulting services, here are some more things to know about how the bundle facilitates collaborative work and about how it can help the teams your business collaborate better, too.

Collaborative Work Is What the Bundle Has Been Developed for In The First Place

Microsoft Office 365 is the ultimate collaborative tool, designed and developed to give your teams the ultimate, real time, collaborative experience, no matter how far away from each other the individual team members are located. The link that Microsoft Office 365 creates so efficiently is one that is much needed within any organization, a solution that is able to replace separate, individually used applications with tools that are shared by everyone but that still ensure the level of individuality needed by each of your staff members.

One of the features that make Office 365 such a great tool for collaborative work is the real-time co-authoring feature that allows multiple people located at a distance from each other to work together in a way that is very similar to the way they would collaborate, should they be in the same office. A great little feature that makes collaborative work even easier and that also adds an element of fun to it all is that you can always know where another person is working and the shared document by having a look at the little colored flags that appear in the document’s content.

Superior Security

Microsoft has been at the forefront of data security for a long time and they used their knowledge and experience in the field when they created Office 365 as well. The users of the bundle can be sure that their correspondence and the documents that they share with each other enjoy superior protection and encryption, allowing them to communicate freely and confidently.

A Quick Learning Curve with A Streamlined Interface

Another feature that accounts for the popularity and the success of Microsoft 365 is that it is completely intuitive, with every installation and configuration process being facilitated through simple and easy to understand instructions. As a result, opening a file or a folder, working with a spreadsheet or a text file is just as easy as sharing the work accomplished with other team members.

Great Customer Support

Microsoft Office 365 is an intuitive, but complex bundle, which means that you might be in need off professional assistance occasionally. Help is always readily available through Microsoft’s round the clock customer service that will help you with instructions whatever type of issue you might encounter.