Some of the Truly Great Uses for Spiral Sliced Ham

So you’re thinking you want to find some great uses for spiral sliced ham to spice up a dull party or get your guests excited during the holidays. Fortunately, if you did happen to order a delicious ham online, you’ll find its uses are virtually limitless, especially if you add your own creative spin to them.

Main Uses

Spiral sliced ham has become one of the favorite holiday meats you can think of buying – or even ordering online, for that matter. When it comes to this delicious food, you won’t have to worry about getting your guests excited about it. Spiral sliced ham can be a great addition to any kind of party, whether it’s a formal dinner party or a fun wedding party with lots of liquor and dancing.

Ham is also great during the holidays, especially when it comes to Easter. Aside from buying and preparing a delicious lamb, a spiral sliced ham is one of the most popular choices for meat during the Easter holidays, and it’s not only easy to serve, but also quite filling.

Ingenious Ways to Use Spiral Sliced Ham

sandwich with ham, lettuce and tomatoes You don’t necessarily have to serve a whole ham at the table. Also, if you order several hams for a larger party of guests, you can consider using one of them as part of a few other, simple recipes that will delight their taste buds. Here are a few ideas that can be put into practice in no time at all:

  • One of the first ways to make good use of a delectable spiral sliced ham is to keep a few sliced for biscuit sandwiches. Consider using a small piece of ham for each biscuit and layering it with honey mustard or hot pepper jam for added flavor.
  • Prepare some deviled ham filling and a few hard boiled eggs. After slicing open the eggs, add your ham filling along with green onions for a healthy and delicious high protein snack.
  • You can also add ham to a lot of other foods and mix it with bacon to get an even richer flavor. One great recipe involves adding ham and bacon to collard greens.

Ways to Repurpose Your Ham

When it comes to preparing something from ham leftovers, the previous recipes might sound great for a fast snack. However, depending on how many leftovers you have, it might also be possible to consider repurposing your ham leftovers for something a little more complex.

A truly delicious recipe involves cooking croquettes using your leftover ham and some parsley sauce. You can also repurpose your ham by adding it to an Italian meat pie or by adding it to your dinner Farfalle along with some peas and Gorgonzola cheese. And if you love combining ham and peas, you can always add it to the mix while preparing an omelette or just some regular, slow-cooked, over-easy fried eggs.

Finding great uses for spiral sliced ham isn’t that hard as long as you love pork and you’re willing to spend some time researching and improvising on recipes you already know.