Why Have Custom Logos on a Canopy Tent?

branded tents

Trade fairs, competitions, expositions, trade shows and other, similar, corporate or community events are excellent opportunities to promote your business and to establish your company as a great enterprise that offers products or services of the highest quality. To participate at such events, you will need a branded tent where you can welcome interested visitors and customers, the tent being not only shelter from the rain and the sun, but an important tool to promote your business. You can surely use a plain, white tent with some outdoor furniture in it, but you can also transform your tent into a powerful marketing and branding tool that attracts customers, helps with your branding efforts and boosts your sales by adding your corporate logo to the tent. Here is how your business can benefit from your canopy tent decorated with your logo.

Attracting Attention to Your Business

A branded tent decorated with a well-designed, informative and attractive logo in great colors invites much more attention than a plain white tent with a table on which you spread some flyers. The logos printed on the canopy top and on the tent walls will tell the visitors of the event about what you do and will create the right set of expectations toward your business.

Mobility for Versatility

Your canopy tent decorated with your logo is easy to store, to transport and to install and it will open up much more opportunities for promoting your business, also increasing your exposure. Whether you participate at street festivals, trade shows, expositions, sporting events, concerts or other outdoor events, your promotional branded tents will be visible not only for those walking by your tent – nowadays, most such outdoor events are documented with aerial photos and video footages shot from drones, so your tent will appear on those materials as well.

An Affordable Way to Promote Business

The canopy branded tents customized with corporate logos are made from durable and resistant materials and the logos are also added with technologies that make sure the print is resistant to harsh weather, which means that your tent will be a one-time investment and you will be able to use the tent for long years and for many events. Tent process range from several hundred dollars to several thousands, depending on the size and type of the unit – if you compare that price to the costs of other, disposable advertising materials, you will see that your customized canopy tent is worthwhile.

More Comfort for Your Own Teams and Protection for Your Assets

This feature is the same for plain as well as for customized tents that carry your logo – a tent also works like a shelter, protecting your team members from the sun, the wind and the rain and allowing you to use weather-sensitive promotional materials, such as flyers and an advertising screen safely inside your tent. You can also take your promotion and your branding efforts one step further by using branded furniture inside your tent, to create an even more consistent image for your brand.