The Basics of Loveland Orthodontics – What to Expect from the Best Orthodontists in Town?

Although most orthodontists accept a greater number of patients than in the past, Loveland orthodontics has also become more organized, with dental practitioners being far more efficient than in the past – from diagnosing problems to providing swift, effective and affordable solutions whether you need braces or you’re just interested in a quick consultation.

The great thing about visiting an orthodontist in Loveland, Colorado, is that you gain the expertise of a dependable orthodontist who couldn’t have gotten to where he/she is today without a great amount of experience. As a result, you can expect your first visit to be not only practically productive, but also quite pleasant overall.

Important Factors and Details to Keep in Mind

The details of your first trip to the orthodontist will stay in your memory for a long time, especially if you visit a reliable Loveland orthodontist. Here is a short overview of what you can expect and what you should look out for in advance:

  • If you never had braces before, it’s important to first have a complete consultation and decide upon what you really need. Even though you might have had your mind set on a specific type of braces, your orthodontist might decide differently based on the results of your consultation. This is why, when you first arrive, the dentist will initially get to know you and get you acquainted with the philosophy of the practice. Then, the consultation will follow, providing the initial records of your condition.
  • The records of the consultation contain photographs, x-rays and models of your teeth, along with the orthodontist’s recommendation for treatment – if applicable. These details are crucial, since your unique, personalized treatment plan will be decided upon based on them.
  • The next appointment will involve a case presentation. The treatment plan will be proposed, and you’ll have a chance to discuss it with the orthodontist, accept the offer straight away, or ask for a second opinion.
  • During the next few appointments, depending on the types of braces you need and the severity of your case, the dentist will first apply the braces on the first couple of visits, then schedule you for additional visits about 3-6 weeks apart to adjust the treatment and your braces.
  • Finally, the removal of your braces will typically take about an hour. Any information regarding retainers and retention applications will be provided during this last visit.

The Case of Your First Pediatric Visit

happy childrenIf you visit an orthodontist in Loveland CO with your kids, there are a few other considerations that also apply. Young children will first be introduced to the orthodontist in a friendly and less imposing manner, and the expert will offer a tour of the clinic to make them feel better. As in the case of adults, the first visit is needed for a diagnosis and to determine whether treatment is needed. Naturally, the presence of a parent or a guardian will be needed, and any details regarding the treatment or payment options will have to be discussed with the parents.

With Loveland orthodontics being at an evolved stage of advancement, you can expect that your children will feel very much at ease in your orthodontist’s modern office, and the procedures for diagnosing any problems and applying braces will also be much less problematic than in the past.