Pros and Cons of Windshield Chip Repair

No matter how careful you are, your windshield may break, either as a result of a pebble that caused a crack, or as a result of a strong impact or accident. Whether you own a regular car or a luxury car, it is essential to rectify in advance any small defect you notice in the windshield, rear window or side windows. The more you delay the respective repairs, the greater the subsequent investments you will have to make.

Any responsible driver takes care of his car. Because some situations cannot be avoided, it is advisable to have your windshield replaced in a specialized service, by people with experience.

In general, most small damage can be repaired, but this depends on the following factors: size, depth, type and position of the damage. The results obtained will vary, however, according to the time you allow to pass until you address this problem, the crack`s contamination with dirt, as well as its position and severity.

A qualified windshield repair technician from a Strasburg auto glass replacement near me must evaluate all the relevant factors before deciding whether your windshield is repairable or not. Each case is studied individually, and the conclusion is taken by taking into account the experience of the technician with the equipment used, the probability of a successful repair and, of course, the expectations of the customer.

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Size and depth

To a large extent, any workshop could repair bumps of 2-3 cm in diameter and cracks of 6-7 cm in length. However, the new technologies make it possible to repair even more extensive damage; how successful the repair will be depends, however, on each case.


There are several types of damage that may appear in your windshield, and some will be easier to repair than others. In general, the bumps and cracks that can be covered with an average coin can be repaired, because the equipment used by the technicians can be positioned over them.

Multiple cracks are more difficult to repair.


Cracks in the middle of the windshield reduce visibility, but any damage at the edge of the windshield diminishes its strength and integrity, compromising passenger safety. Do not neglect them, regardless their position.

Damages that can usually NOT be repaired:

  • damage that occurred from the interior of the car
  • deep damage in both layers of the windshield`s glass
  • damage near the rain sensor
  • damage on the critical area of ​​the driver’s visibility
  • multiple complex cracks
  • very long cracks (e.g. over 40 centimeters)
  • cracks contaminated with dirt
  • cracks on the edge of the windscreen

The main pros of repairing a windshield include:

  • You save money – Repairing your windshield in time costs 10% of the price of replacing the windshield later, when repairs are not possible anymore.
  • There mobile windshield repair services willing to come to your place, so you will not have to worry about driving the car with a broken windshield until you reach a service
  • Repairs are quick and easy – Your windshield will be ready in about an hour (sometimes less) and then you can keep driving.
  • You can still use the original windshield of the car – Many people are not so happy about replacing their original windshield with an aftermarket product, but you will not have to worry about this aspect either if you choose to repair your windshield in time.
  • By repairing, you actually recycle and contribute to the protection of the environment