Learn About What Is Important To Consider Before Printing Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the first projects in the wedding preparation process and, undoubtedly, one of the most important things you must consider. Through them, you will provide information about your wedding to the people you want to invite. In Colorado wedding invitations can be easily ordered from any printing shop, however, there are several other aspects to consider about them, besides their model and font type.

Who should you invite?

Many couples want a big wedding, while others prefer a discreet ceremony, surrounded only by the closest people. There is no rule about inviting all members of the family, all the friends and co-workers and neither about inviting everyone`s partners and children. It is your wedding, you make the rules. Just remember to properly communicate them, to avoid confusion and hurt feelings (well… ok, ok, there will always be some hurt feelings, but at least you know that you did your best to prevent them).

When should you send the invitations?

Neither too early, because you do not want people to forget about their invitation, but obviously not too late either because people have all kind of engagements and a big event like a wedding requires some special preparations and arrangements that take time. Consider sending the invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding and ask for confirmation in good time.

Unspoken rules about wedding invitations

  • Adding extra information besides the main text

As the internet became so popular, many couples today prefer to create a website dedicated to their wedding, where they post information about the event: organization, the theme of the wedding, the godparents, the bridesmaids etc. The address of a site like this, as well as contact information for confirming the participation (phone number & email) can be printed at the bottom of the invitation, in smaller fonts.

  • How to impose a dress code for your wedding?

Simple: by writing about it in the invitation`s text and asking your guests to respect the wedding`s theme

  • Make NO mention about gifts

Such mention would be very rude and you do not want to make people feel that they have been invited for what they are going to offer as a gift.

  • When to thank people for their gifts?

Make sure to print Thank-you notes together with the invitations and send them within two weeks after the wedding. They are a great way to show appreciation for people who traveled a long way just to be with you on your special day as well as for all those with whom you do not have regular direct contact.

In Colorado, wedding invitations can be customized according to any personal preference and purchasing your own perfect set is a snap with the great printing stores in the area, offering hundreds of styles, in a wide range of prices. Remember that every detail about your wedding is important and deserves attention, so find the experts able to help you create the perfect invitation.