How Do I Shop for Pet Diapers?

Pet diapers have appeared on the market relatively recently, but have become very popular. They are such a great help for pet owners, in a variety of life situations. They can be used for dogs and cats of almost any size, weight and age.

When should you purchase pet diapers?

  • Per diapers are indispensable when you have a small animal that has not yet learned to control themselves and make their needs in special places or outside the home. A simple diaper will keep your house clean and save you from other inconveniences.
  • Pet diapers are also useful when your pet is old, sick or recovering from surgery and cannot urinate or defecate normally.
  • Diapers can also be used in places where the animal is not allowed to cause problems (in a friend’s house, for example, during a visit).
  • Diapers are also convenient when the animal is traveling in the car with you.

The main advantages of pet diapers

  • The surface layer of the diaper dries in a few minutes, absorbing odors.
  • The amount of absorption is up to 2.5 liters of liquid.
  • There are also reusable diapers, which can be washed up to 300 times in a washing machine, using any detergent and at temperatures up to 100 degrees.
  • A pet diaper does not contain fillers, it is almost impossible to break it and it will not be easy for the animal to do it either, nor to get rid of it. In general, a pet diaper consists of 4 layers connected by a special technology. The first layer is a 100% polyester fabric. It allows the liquid to pass quickly into the lower layers and dry almost instantly. The second layer is a viscose and polyester fabric. The third layer is a waterproof and breathable polyurethane membrane, which does not allow the liquid to flow on to the floor. The fourth layer is 100% polyester. This structure causes the unwanted liquid to be trapped in the intermediate layers.

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When you shop for pet diapers, you need to keep in mind some essential details, because not all diapers are the same.

  • Most pet diapers are for urine, not for feces. If your dog needs this type of protection, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Make sure you get the right size for your pet. Diapers that are too big or too small are not effective.
  • Pet diapers also vary when it comes to the amount of liquid they can absorb. Choose the products carefully, after reading and following the instructions for measuring your animal.
  • It is imperative that diapers be changed frequently, so make sure you have enough of them for your pet’s needs. Do not leave the animal in a dirty diaper for hours. In addition to the obvious discomfort to your pet, a dirty diaper can cause irritation or even infections.
  • Pet diapers are not a substitute for training your animal to defecate in special places or outside the home. If you have problems with training, talk to your veterinarian or to a coach, as incontinence can also be a symptom of more serious conditions that require special treatment.