How Do I Find the Top Executive Search Firm in My Area?

top executive search firms

The recruiting process used for identifying high-profile talent is more sensitive and in many ways different from standard recruitment processes. In most cases, executive positions are not advertised in the same way as lower-level openings, through job boards and other platforms, the method most commonly used being to enlist the services of specialized recruitment companies. Working with a recruiter to find the best top-level executive for your organization is the most efficient way to make sure that your new executive meets your expectations in terms of experience and personality and that the new executive shares the values of your organization, too, therefore identifying the most suitable recruiter is essential for success. Here are some tips about how to partner with top executive search firms.

Use Your Own Network

You most probably know at least a few businesses that have worked with executive search firms to find candidates for their key job openings or you may know people who have been recruited by such a search firm. Talk to the people you know in your business and ask for recommendations as well as opinions, then put together your own list of potential recruiters to contact.

Take a Look at Recruiter Directories

Many job-search platforms and websites have recruiter directories that can be browsed by job seekers as well as by potential employers. Some of these platforms might require you to create a profile for your organization before they give you access to the directory.

Search Recruiter Profiles on Professional Networking Sites

There are many employment-oriented platforms that you can use to find information. Some of these platforms are free to use, others give you access for a small fee.

Carry Out Your Own Research Online

Top-level recruiters usually operate their own websites where they present themselves and the niche they are recruiting for. These company websites are great sources of information about the company’s general approach towards the recruitment process as well as about their clients, so the pages are surely worth taking a look at. The websites will also provide you contact information, such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses and physical locations.

Establishing Contact with the Companies on Your List

The process of picking the one executive search firm to work with out of many options should include a personal meeting with the recruiter’s representative. Prepare for the meeting thoroughly and compile a list of important questions to ask. Include general questions about the recruiter’s longevity in the business, about the industry segment they are specialized in, about their fee structure (retained or contingency-based) as well as about their recruitment processes. You should also ask questions that can provide insight into the efficiency and the strategies used by the recruiter, such as the key parameters that they use to evaluate candidates, the interviewing process (whether they will pre-evaluate the candidates for you or they will send all the candidates to your organization for the interviewing) as well as any follow-up processes that the company has in place. Take your time to process every answer and make the final decision only when you have found answers to all your questions.