How can a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor Help You

All transactions, be they mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, capital investments or divisions – involve complex issues that require the full attention of experienced professionals. If these transactions involve companies operating worldwide, going through an additional set of issues is even more difficult. A mergers and acquisitions advisor can assist and advise you on tax, accounting, legal, regulatory, cultural or labor issues that may arise in various transactions to help manage the risks that may arise in fulfilling your declarative obligations but also for increasing the potential incomes.

Transaction structuring and due diligence

M&A advisors offer corporations and private equity investors a wide range of tax consulting services. The approach is a multifunctional one, the teams are made up of specialists in industry and technology to provide assistance and consultancy for risk management that may occur in fulfilling the reporting obligations and increasing revenue. The services offered consist of the analysis and quantification of financial risks and opportunities according to the industry, country and transaction, analysis of assets, potential hidden costs, contingencies and commitments, as well as the development of negotiating positions.

M&A advisors

Tax assistance in sales processes

The services of a mergers and acquisitions advisor consist in analyzing potential tax and accounting issues, as well as those related to personnel and operational issues, before making the offer public. These specialists work with clients to analyze whether the transaction structure is in line with the company’s strategy and quantify the strategic impact of fiscal risks and opportunities. The tax aspects of a transaction can be simple or complex and will vary depending on the nature of the transaction. A mergers and acquisitions advisor can assist and advise clients on estimated gains and losses, analyze the allocation and preservation of tax attributes and explore different tax structures that can lead to maximizing the amount obtained from the sale.

Post-transaction assistance

The services of mergers and acquisitions advisors also consist in analyzing potential fiscal, accounting, personnel, operational and system problems before making the offer public.

Fiscal assistance in restructuring and consulting in bankruptcy proceedings

A mergers and acquisitions advisor works with various companies that are in a financial stalemate by analyzing relevant tax issues and financial considerations, assisting in evaluating restructuring options, and exploring planning opportunities to address those fiscal and financial burdens by building a framework that will lead to fiscal efficiency in the future. These specialists have experience working with debtors, creditors and creditors’ committees, when it comes to restructuring to be resolved in court, as well as outside it.

If you have a good mergers and acquisitions advisor and a lawyer who knows how to make contracts for buying and selling a business, you will protect the money you invest. It is important that you prepare the draft of the initial contract and send it as an investor. In this contract you must provide for all possible situations in the future, and include clauses to protect you as an investor.

The consultant in acquisitions and mergers can guide you from the first meeting on how to position yourself and plan the negotiation stage.