Hottest New Construction Areas Near Denver

The future is complex in terms of construction. On the one hand, smart cities appear, equipped with autonomous means of transport that take the inhabitants of urban populations in a continuous numerical evolution from their homes to the desired destinations. At the same time, these smart cities have autonomous ways of supply. Many foods are produced right in the metropolitan areas. Currently, the feasibility different scenarios are being verified.

At the same time, humanity is facing the need to find suitable living spaces and habitats for the growing population worldwide. Colorado is no exception.

There was a steady rate of population growth in the Centennial State, during the last years, which currently seems to settle down a bit, but it is still projected to reach 5.8 million this year. In this context, many people look for a place to live, so the demand for residential buildings is high. And it is not just about residential buildings, but also commercial buildings that people use every day for different purposes, from working to entertainment. Retail areas and more services are needed especially on the current perimeters of Denver metropolitan area.

Besides Denver`s popular neighborhoods, such as Highland or Wash Park, real estate experts estimate that there are quite a few hot new construction areas, which will eventually turn to be Denver’s next-big-thing neighborhoods.

West Colfax

There are some important investments in different construction projects here, including in townhomes starting in the $400,000s. Unfortunately, slot home designs are restricted by an amendment, which often returns developers to their drawing boards.

Sun Valley

In Sun Valley, public housing coexist with industrial lots and the area is quite isolated from city amenities. But there is a redevelopment plan, to create 750 new mixed-income units that will replace subsidized housing units.

Another ambitious 20-year project will create an enclave along the South Platte River, with new-build multifamily residences.

Athmar Park

This is currently a modest area, populated with old homes. Some of them have personality, but need face-lifts. Developers plan projects on West Alameda Avenue, a few ranches within reach of first-time buyers, and there are also a few grants for addressing mobility issues and transportation in the neighborhood.

houses for sale Southlands


This area, in southeast Aurora, offers excellent schools, shopping, entertainment options, and beautiful outdoor open spaces. Look for houses for sale Southlands listings with the help of highly regarded Team Front Range realtors.


This area is not so desirable for single-family homes, because of the factories and rail yards. However, it has some great transformative potential. There are already a few projects for reconstruction and expansion of certain areas, over the next few years, townhomes, condos and improved roads.

There are also a few hot areas for commercial construction projects near Denver that will soon be in need of retail areas, restaurants, gyms etc.

Villa Park

This area is great for nature lovers who work in the city, and there are many opportunities to develop centers for leisure outdoor activities. Convenience stores and retail development are also needed.


Arvada has a suburban feel and historic architecture that can be exploited to create more attractions, such as recreational opportunities around the lakes.


Cole is conveniently located near one of Denver`s trendiest areas (RiNo) and the construction of a major events center has been recently approved, which will surely draw more business to the area.