Can I Work on My Car in a Storage Unit?

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The facilities that provide storage options for vehicles either in open, outdoor spaces or in suitably-sized indoor areas usually don’t allow clients to perform any repair or maintenance work on their car while the car is in the storage unit. The reason is simple: storage buildings Fort Smith AR facilities usually consist of a simple floor, walls and a ceiling and are not equipped with the complex drainage systems, alarms and special ventilation to evacuate the harmful fumes generated during car repair and maintenance. However, the cargo containers bought and used by storage facilities come from sellers that are available to you, too – here is how you can get your own shipping container and set up a small vehicle repair workshop in your own yard.

Buying the Shipping Container – Sizes and Sellers

Shipping containers come in lots of different sizes and quality grades. The most common sizes are 20 feet, 40 feet and 40 High-Cube boxes, but non-standard sizes are also available. To determine the size of the space that you need for working on your car or cars, think about the number of the vehicles that you want to keep in the garage and calculate the amount of space that will be taken up by the accessories and furnishing items in your workshop. Your calculations should include sufficient space for you to move around and between the cars and to work on them.

Once you know how much space you need exactly, you should make up your mind about the quality level of the shipping container you will buy. The best option is probably to get a new container, but that is the most expensive solution, too. Refurbished units can also do an excellent service, but require a smaller investment. Used containers come in many forms, including good-quality cargo-worthy containers, wind and watertight containers and as-is containers that usually need substantial repair before they can be used.

Setting Up the Workshop on Your Property

Whether or not you can use a shipping container to set up a workshop to work on your own property is determined by local laws and building regulations, so before you start shopping around for the right container, make sure that you are allowed to use your container for the desired purpose. You should also find out about the conditions required for working on your car safely – you will need all the features that standard storage units lack, such as proper drainage for oil and other chemical, ventilation to extract fumes, smoke and odors, utilities, including electricity and water, smoke and fire detectors and alarms and other comfort and safety features. You also need to find out about the requirements related to the foundation of your building – the thickness required, the material it is made from are all essential.

The Conclusion

The storage buildings that you currently use for your car might not allow you to repair your car there, but with a little investment, you can easily get a storage unit and set up your own workshop on your property.