An Introduction to Digital LED Message Centers

LED message centers are great, flexible and versatile advertising tools – whether used indoors or outdoors, these modern solutions are very efficient, they convey your message instantly and they come with lots of other benefits, too. Here are some things that you should know about LED message centers.

How LED Message Centers Work?

LED signs are boards made up from multiple, smaller modules or panels, each of them containing LEDs arranged in clusters. Each of these clusters, also called pixels, have three color diodes, a red one, a green one and a blue one. These tiny LEDs serve as light sources to display the images that appear on the screen.

LED message centers can be of almost any size and they can be configured to display static images and text as well as to rotate multiple images and text messages at predefined intervals. Some LED message centers feature sturdier construction that makes them suitable for being used outdoors, while others are smaller and thinner, suitable for being mounted on a wall.

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The Benefits of LED Message Centers

According to custom signs Denver businesses, LEDs are the most modern, most advanced light sources used today. The message centers that use these advanced solutions are enjoying already huge and continuously increasing popularity – here is why:

  • Aesthetic appeal – LED message centers have no limits when it comes to the design of the materials displayed, therefore they are suitable for displaying the most beautiful images in the brightest colors. LED boards come in many standard sizes and custom sizes are available, too, so you can choose boards of exactly the right size for your goals;
  • A long-lasting solution – the three most common solutions for illuminated advertising are fluorescent lights, neon signs and LED displays. Out of the three options, LED displays are the most durable, they can last between 10,000-50,000 hours and the quality of the images displayed will be the same throughout the lifespan of your device, without any dimming or fading of the display;
  • Grabbing attention like no other advertising board – the high-quality, sliding images and messages that you run on your LED message boards will attract attention more efficiently than any other type of signage and will also keep the viewer engaged throughout your slideshow;
  • Multiple messages and easy updates – you can use your LED message board to display one static image or message continuously, but a more efficient way is to use rotating images and messages to make it all more interesting. Replacing the images and messages displayed is also easy – all you need is a computer from which you upload your new slideshow, therefore LED message centers are great for seasonal advertising purposes as well;
  • An economical solution – LED message boards are becoming cheaper and more energy-efficient with the day. Getting LED displays, installing and operating them will not put your business into financial difficulties and LEDs are also the most energy-efficient display solutions, so your display or displays will not increase your energy bills too much;
  • An environment-friendly solution – LED message boards use very little energy, so they are gentle not only on your budget, but on nature as well.